Board Members

Class of 2015

Cindy Cunningham*
Karen Warlick
Tim O'Hearn
Shannon Morgan (Term completed by - to be determinded)
Steve Baggett
Rita Sorrels
Stacey Reaves (Term completed by Velma Carriaga)

Class of 2014

Daryl Worley
Tera Askey
Becky Dotson (Term completed by Brian Merrill)
Gail Stunkard (Term completed by Helen Lee)
Kathy Crow
Hugh Lokey 

Class of 2013

Duane DaPron
Layne Herring
Rhonda Mott

Class of 2012

Gail Mangan
Beth Baggett (Completing Ginger Daniel's term)
Jeanne Kelly
Belynda Clanton*
David Cleveland
Bob Gates

Class of 2011

Skip Ray
Charlie Shaw (resigned early - filled 2012 election)
Russ Riffle
Mike Mayes (Completing John Owen's term) (resigned early - filled 2012 election)
Ken Frazier*
Freda Heath
Ed Taylor* (Completing tom Sorrels term)
Jeanne Kelly (completing Pat McGuire's term)
Judy Rowell (Completing Mike Mayes/John Owen's term)
Wilson Rubottom

Class of 2010

Gary Bennett
Cathy Herring
Brenda Nickels
John Owen
Jerry Willm (resigned early - filled 2012 election)

Class of 2009

Shelly Covey
Anita Harshman
Pat McGuire
Liz Merrill
Tom Sorrels*

Class of 2008

Percy Brown (term completed by Bob Brooks)
Giles Gere
Connie Lucie
Andi McMains (term completed by Ed Taylor)
Jason Moore (term completed by Murray King)

Class of 2007

Jeff Chambers
Steve Edgar
Debbie Greer
Mike McNulty
Julie Sumner

* Denotes Board Chair

  September 2020  
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